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Central de Comando RGBM

RGBM Command Center

RGB and Monochromatic Central Versions Standard and Touch Easy Control function

Eaglepool Standard and Touch Line

Release Eagletronica exclusive

RGBM Control Center: The new RGB and Monochromatic control centers for Eagletronica pools and Led tapes are full of news and technology innovation.

  • Power cord for mains power supply standard ABNT
  • Internal power supply that does not require the use of transformers and
  • It is not necessary to open the control panel to pair a new remote control
  • Can be used in monochrome or RGB lighting in the same device
  • Fixation by external screws on the lower flap facilitating installation
  • Output for connection to the reflectors by means of wires, facilitating the installation and avoiding oxidations
  • Easy external exchange fuse protection
  • Two-button remote control, select and power on, and front panel buttons
  • Fan cooler operates only when the control panel is turned on, avoiding unnecessary wear
  • Single panel that indicates on the front panel which outputs are working, through three red, green and blue LEDs
  • Small and compact the best in the national market
  • Micro controller of last generation, bold and consolidated program
  • They have 16 different lighting programs, which can be selected by the button on the front panel of the control panel, or by the PROGRAM button on the remote control that comes with the unit
  • Maximum current capacity 6A ~ 72W at 24A ~ 288W
  • Versions with up to two relay outputs
  • Automatic feed 90 to 240Vac
  • TOUCH control, maximum distance 20m without obstacles
  • Remote control 2 keys, maximum distance control 50m without obstacles
  • Controle CRC-LA - Remote control long range 500m
  • Easy and practical assembly

Available versions

  • 6A, 12A and 24A
  • Operations with up to two relay outputs
  • Standard or TOUCH
  • We develop special versions according to your needs.

Product Images

  • Central de Comando RGBM
  • Central de Comando RGBM
  • Central de Comando RGBM
  • Central de Comando RGBM
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